Good eye-sight is our passion

When it comes to ideal eye-sight, the two optical specialists Elke Brandt and Wolfgang Raab know no compromise. The aim to correct any case of ametropia, the excellent education of their team just as the consequent implementation of new optical and optometrical knowledge in the service of good eye-sight are the cornerstones on which their shared business philosophy is based. Only a perfect and individually custom-tailored optical care is truly good – you will see it!

Just like in a mosaic every single component is important:


  • Systematic use of state-of-the-art measurement technologies
  • Reliable recognition of the visual impairment
  • Qualified analysis of possible causes
  • Expert consulting with the selection of appropriate visual aids
  • Exclusive use of top-quality frames, lenses and contact lenses
  • Accurate manual and technical production of your glasses

The eye experts of

devote special attention to finding non-ideal image positions – a cause for headaches, quick fatigue and decrease of the ability to concentrate (more about this under associated heterophoria).