Pretty cool

The best pair of glasses helps little, when it – instead of sitting on the nose – is "resting" in its case. That is why children should enjoy wearing their glasses. Especially for young persons the "fashionable look" is a must. That they have to be included in choosing the frame because of this, goes without saying. If the pair of glasses is considered "uncool" or even ugly by them, it can be made as professionally and optimal as can be – it will only perform its actual task in exceptions. In any case it is helpful, if children have been familiarised with the thought of wearing glasses in a positive way early. We from will be glad to help out in any way.

But glasses not only have to look good; they have to meet some functional criteria as well, that you should consider in your decision:

  • The skin of children is thinner and more delicate than the skin of an adult, therefore the frame should be light.
  • No child likes to be reminded to take better care of their glasses. This is why you should already pay attention to stability and flexibility when choosing the frame.
  • Well-fitted frames made from titanium, soft nose pads and sports earpieces make the glasses a pleasant companion.
  • Hard-to-break plastic lenses reduce not only the risk of injury, but also the weight, which makes wearing the glasses even more comfortable.


What you should also consider:

  • Children's eyes grow. Fit and power of a pair of children's glasses should therefore be checked at least once a year. This goes especially for puberty.
  • Children's eyes are sensitive and very light-sensitive. This is why you should protect your child's eyes with a good pair of sunglasses. Make it a point to choose adequate UV protection, so your child's eyes will shine happily and un-reddened tomorrow just like today!
  • For sports and games there are special models that meet the added requirements. We'll be glad to give you details.